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The future of our society is based upon our ability to change and grow. The skills and knowledge required in the future must enable citizens to take change in stride.

In order to thrive in this atmosphere, every school graduate will need to achieve these goals: be a creative problem-solver, a lifelong learner, and an effective communicator.

Each student must also know how to use and understand technology, work efficiently in group situations, and be a responsible and involved citizen. In order for the school graduate to be prepared, we must teach these skills and knowledge at all levels of education. On the one hand we ceaselessly strive to impart quality education to our students, to make them scholastically sound and hone their talent and skill, on the other hand we are missioned to inculcate good habits and values of life in our students. The role of a principal is to provide strategic direction in the school system. You can’t run a school from behind a desk. As the school principal you will frequently need to get involved and help people find a solution to their problems.

SRVM, Vyasarpadi takes great pride in creating an educational atmosphere where students can learn in a caring, empathic and creative environment. Our training is not limited to achieving academic excellence but also extends to areas of leadership and physical development.

As we focus on students’ achievements, our teachers provide a variety of academic and educational experiences that promote student’s growth and learning throughout the year. The SRVM’s vision is clear and concise; empower young learners with knowledge and varied skills enabling them to become independent and self-reliant adults, who will contribute responsibly in a global community and face the challenges of tomorrow.

 As a school community, we will continue to build upon and refine an educational environment that supports learning our core values: community engagement, a culture of excellence, global citizenship, respect and inclusion, responsible stewardship, rigor and relevance along with safety and well-being. By respecting the differences of each student’s personality and learning style, I will enable each student to grow to become the life-long learner and active citizen needed in our society.



Our Mission


SRVM prepares students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, thus making the world a better and more just place.

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