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Fee Payment

Academic year is divided into 2 terms for payment of fee

First Term : April to July

Second Term : November to December

First term fee should be paid at the time of admission. The school fee should be paid as per the schedule given above at City Union Bank, Perambur. In case of default a fine will be collected. Fine amount will vary according to the delayed period. Fee for the full term will have to be paid even when a student is admitted in the middle of the term. Student leaving the school in the middle of the term must pay the fees for the full term.

School Fee -: 2023-2024

S. NO.   Class   ANNUAL FEE(Rs.)
1 Pre KG 22000
2 LKG 24750
3 UKG 24750
4 I 32560
5 II 32560
6 III 32560
7 IV 38610
8 V 38610
9 VI 42150
10 VII 42150

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